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Trauma Informed Counseling

While cliched, we all experience ups and downs, peaks and valleys. But when we feel the impact of loss, suffer from significant life transitions, experience estrangement from adult children or struggle with life-altering effects of child sexual abuse we want an experienced professional.

I'm a trauma informed therapist who uses spiritual practices to reduce stress and cognitive behavioral techniques to learn skills. The aim is stronger self esteem, more satisfying relationships and deeper serenity. If you struggle with the loss of a loved one, are estranged from an adult child, suffer from divorce or sexual abuse, I can help you. 

My practice spans adults of all ages and orientation. Clients come from all diverse faiths. I believe evidence based research integrated with spirituality is transformative.


'm a private pay therapist who takes, checks and cash. My fee is $120.

Dr. Beverly Weinhold, DMin, MEd, CCMHC, LPCC
Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor
Certified Pastoral Counselor

Professional Towers
4010 Dupont Circle, Ste 403
Louisville, KY 40207

(502) 690 5733

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