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Working as a licensed clinician for the MA Department of Mental Health for 10 years years, I served on the Governor's Round Table for abuse. There I received a service award from HAWC (Help for Abused Women and Children. Raising my awareness about abuse in families made me realize that these same dysfunctional dynamics can be imported into faith families. Finishing my Mdiv. in 2000, I served as a clergyperson for a decade.This bivocational lens converged in 2008 when I received my Doctorate at Louisville Presbyterian Seminary with a dissertation called: Healthy Boundaries: Recovering Your God-Given Limits for the Good of the Church. Today, a trauma informed therapist, and abuse prevention educator, I treat clients with trauma,  teach faith communities tools for preventing abuse and do advocacy with the Survivor's Council for the KY Attorney General's Office. 

DMin (2011): Louisville Presbyterian Seminary, KY.
MDiv (2000): Andover Newton Theological Seminary, MA.
MEd (1976): Salem State University, MA.

Counseling Credentials
Licensed Mental Health Counselor (LMHC): 1991-present, #3692 MA. 
Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor (LPCC): 2008-present, #1060 KY.
Certified Clinical Mental Health Counselor (CCMHC): 1993-present, #32936.
National Certified Counselor (NCC): 1993-present, #32936.
Certified Pastoral Counselor (American Association of Pastoral Counselors), 2015.

Ministerial Credentials
United Church of Christ: 2001-present. Standing in Central Assn. MA Conference.
Presbyterian Church USA; 2012-2014.

Stewards of Children (2017): Facilitator. Darkness 2 Light, GA.
Conflict Mediation (2010): Lombard Mennonite Peace Center, IL.
Intentional Interim Minister (2005): Interim Ministry Network, MD.
Boundary Awareness Trainer: 2002-present. FaithTrust Institute, WA.
Stephen's Ministry International (2004): Stephen's Ministry Leader.

"Help for Abused Women & Children (2002)." Community service award. 
"Koinonia Preaching Recognition (2000)." Andover Newton Seminary.

Weinhold, B. (2004). Consider it, take counsel and speak up! Journal of Religion and Abuse, (6)1, 31-35.
Weinhold, B., & others. (2006). Participant’s manual: Boundary training for clergy. United Church of Christ, MA Conference, Central Association.
Weinhold, B. (2011, Oct). "Spotlight on domestic violence." CJ, p. A10. 
Weinhold, B. (2011, Dec). "Systemic silences [Letter to the editor]." CJ, p. A10. 

Dr. Beverly Weinhold, DMin, MEd, LMHC, LPCC, CCMHC
Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor
Certified Pastoral Counselor

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4010 Dupont Circle, Ste 403
Louisville, KY 40207

(502) 690 5733

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