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I’ve had a desire to integrate psychology and spirituality for forty years. I started my career as a licensed psychotherapist who became an ordained clergy person with the United Church of Christ. Both vocations began near Boston. Paying attention to this dual direction, I decided to do a doctorate in ministry in 2008 to discern a coalescing call integrating both professions. Graduating from Louisville Presbyterian Seminary in 2011, I started a private counseling practice weaving together evidence based research with spiritual practices. 

Dealing primarily with anxiety, grief and trauma I hit a wall living in a culture of increasing violence and systemic abuse. Sensing a need to deepen my personal and professional practice, I entered Centerquest School of Spiritual Direction in 2017; graduating in 2019.

I continue to live and work in Louisville, KY.  Here, I offer trauma informed counseling services to individuals struggling with grief, transition and abuse and Spiritual Direction to clergy and lay persons seeking to find center in God and balance in life.   
Licensed in both KY and Boston, I offer counseling and Spiritual Direction by phone and Zoom in both states.

Please call (502) 690 5733 or email for a consult or to make an appointment. 

Dr. Beverly Weinhold, DMin, MEd, CCMHC, LPCC
Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor
Certified Pastoral Counselor

Professional Towers
4010 Dupont Circle, Ste 403
Louisville, KY 40207

(502) 690 5733

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